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In 1977. Mr. Wesley Mutkala deeded to the Two Rivers Grange #3 a generous gift of a parcel of land which was to be sold and the proceeds used for the benefit of the children and youth of the Two Rivers Community. The money was invested and a committee of Grange members and members of the community were appointed to make decisions and to provide guidelines.

The purpose of the fund is to aid youth to grow mentally, physically, and morally. Applicants are eligible up to and through the age of 20 years and must be a resident of the Two Rivers Community.

The Two Rivers Community is defined by the Mutkala Guidelines as: "that area bounded by mile 10.0 Chena Hot Springs Road to the west; to the boundary of the Alaska State Park on the east; to the Chena River on the South; to the Smallwood Creek and Little Chena River on the north." (Section 3.1)

Not many communities the size of ours are privileged to offer this sort of opportunity to its young people and we as parents and interested adults should seek out those young people or children with special talents or needs and encourage them to take advantage of this opportunity.

We are thankful to Mr. Mutkala's gift and hope that others will follow his example of investing in the children and youth of our community by enlarging this permanent fund.

An application form can be obtained by calling (907) (907) 988-8990 or writing to:

Two Rivers Grange #3
Mutkala Committee
P.O. Box 16211
Two Rivers, AK 99716

Or by downloading this one.Back Up Grant Application

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